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Remodel or get a new closet system from Custom Closets Colorado Springs. Get your clothing and accessories organized and keep them safely as collections.

Contact us and our designers will orient you how we do our projects for Colorado Springs custom closets.

"You did an amazing job for custom closets near me! I cannot find other closet companies near me that are better than you. Your work is remarkable! Thanks a lot." - Veronica P.

Custom Closets Colorado Springs

Welcome to the city’s leading closet designer Colorado Springs! We hope that you will be a part of the growing family of happy clients. We are passionate and committed to this job since we started this niche.

Every closet design is unique and special. So, we dedicate our time, effort and knowledge to complete the best closets Colorado Spring at an affordable rate. From the design to finish, we will help you come up with the most desirable results. Call us today!

About Custom Closets Colorado Springs

Experience the real custom closet evolution. Our innovative closet design Colorado Springs Co is exclusively ours. We deliver built-in features at an interesting deal. For our customized closets, we can incorporate full-extension drawers, back panels and LED lighting (optional).

We service Colorado Springs and all surrounding areas. We create personalized solutions to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We have the best closet designers in the country. They have been performing their roles for many years and they have been highly trained and professional.

We have learned the most significant elements and unique techniques in making the beautiful Colorado Springs custom closets. We have designed, built and installed different types of closets for individuals, small and big families, and commercial establishments. We know how to satisfy each client’s personal taste and needs.

Our company has established an impressive track record in this field. We have set our own standards in producing closet organizers systems. Today, we continue to improve our organizational projects and elements to serve our clients better. Furthermore, we do not take away the client’s joy in designing their own closets Colorado Springs.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Our team will be happy to fulfil your dream closet. Let us get started. Call us for free design consultation or fill out our online consultation form.

Why Choose Us?

Building a good reputation in this industry does not happen overnight. We have been through hardships in our journey to delivering exceptional customer care and state-of-the-art closets and cabinets.

Our clients have proven how passionate we are in our job. Here are the reasons why choose us:

  • Highly Trained Assistants and Well-Experienced Designers – We are proud of our team members who work honestly and professionally. They give commendable customer assistance. Furthermore, our designers are eager to provide incredible closet masterpieces for each customer.
  • Word-Class Materials – The type of materials to use until the final finish should be high grade. We know that this is a crucial element that every closet designer Colorado Springs knows. We can work on any design you want. Feel free to choose from our collections for him and her.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Our services are marks of excellence. We undergo a series of work before we achieve a smooth finish of the custom closet organizer. To guarantee our service, we give a lifetime warranty. We make sure that you can relax when working with us.
  • Attention to Detail – We do not skip even the smallest procedures in the project. We are fully aware how this industry changes and grows. We pay attention to every detail of the closet as it makes the whole project worth it.
  • Green Practices – We are minimizing our footprints. This is the reason why we use environmentally-friendly products and methods. We are an ally in protecting the earth and reducing waste production. We have been doing this practice since we started in this industry.

What To Expect?

Before proceeding to the making process, it is our policy to discuss the details with our clients. Our closet designer will explain everything in a clear and concise manner. Our project focuses on three important major steps – consultation, designing process, and finishes.

Our experts will listen to what you say and note down your ideas or suggestions. You can count on them because they have been doing this role for decades. We carefully select our people and they should be reliable, professional and trustworthy. We can do everything that has something to do with closets.

We work on closet cabinet design, walk in closet design and other services.

We will measure the place where you intend to install the closet. We will itemize your stuff before presenting ideas and samples. Our company has an impressive portfolio of the best collections of customized closets that have distinct features and high-grade materials.

When it comes to our finishes, we will integrate the most essential elements such as the close drawers, doors, handles, and knobs. You can select from a wide range of options for textures panels, wood grains, and solid colors. Feel free to ask if you have questions regarding the designs and other matters.

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Closet Services

Our affordable closet systems have been designed for our customers’ needs and budget. Our units have been designed with the aim of giving their owners a more spacious and more organized place for their belongings.

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Custom Closet Design

When you work with us, you are free to dream about whatever type of closet you like. We would love to listen to your closet stories. Let us turn your brilliant imaginations and creativity into useful and durable masterpieces. With the help of a great closet design and reliable closet builders, we will get what you ever wanted. You decide on the style – modern, classic, vintage, metal or glass. You can even have the combination of any of these themes. Let us know. Contact us for inquiries.

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Walk-in Closet Design

Many people nowadays want to personalize their closets through a walk-in closet design. Well, that is a piece of cake for us. We will give your space a fashionable transformation that will complement your needs and lifestyle. We will give you incredible options at an attractive price. We would love to hear more of your ideas.

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Reach-In Closet Design

If you cannot go for a walk-in closet, then a reach-in closet works well for you. Worry no more because our professionals will assist you in every step of the process. We have customized solutions that will meet your standards. We are specialists in the design, creation, and installation of reach-in closets. We promise you a satisfactory outcome.

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Wardrobe Closet Design

Let us help you build a safe and elegant space for your clothing, accessories and other pieces of stuff at a price you can afford. Our custom closet design has been highly recommended by our partners and previous clients. We will give you the nicest wardrobe closet that will secure your things. At the same time, it will bring out your unique fashion style.

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Kids Closet Design

Teach your little ones how to organize their clothes and personal belongings. Let them realize that the closet is not only a place where they keep dresses, suits or accessories. The kids closet is also a reflection of how they can manage their daily lives. We will help you design one that will motivate your kids to organize their things.

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About Colorado Springs Co

Colorado Springs is the largest city (by area) in Colorado and El Paso’s most populous municipality. This city is located in the eastern central part of Colorado, on Fountain Creek which is sixty (60) miles south of Denver.

It has a 2020 metro area population of 668, 000 with 1.37 percent growth rate increase since 2019. Colorado Springs belongs to the safest places in the US to live. For individuals and families who want to live comfortably in this city need to earn at least $6, 000 monthly.

This city is located between other known areas such as:

  • Fountain Co
  • Cimarron Hills Co
  • Canon City Co
  • Fort Carson Co
  • Black Forest Co
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you deliver closet organizers near me?

It does not matter if you live outside Colorado Springs. We can extend our services to other areas surrounding this city. Just give us a call for further information.

How are you different from other closet builders near me?

We are one of the longest running custom closet businesses in the city. We are known for providing unlimited options for closet designs. The best part of it is that we offer our services at a very affordable price.

Do you offer an affordable closet system?

Yes, we do. We are confident that we give competitive price rates in each closet project. We will look into various elements such as the size, material, and materials. We may also consider the distance of your location and the duration it will take to complete the closet. Your trust and money are worth it because we got the best custom closet designers.

What products and materials do you use in designing and making custom closets?

We use high-quality materials and eco-friendly products in all our jobs. We make sure that we do not compromise the health of nature and the people around.


We were able to discuss what we really wanted with the designers. The workmen were organized, friendly, and reliable. They completed the job as promised. Good job!

Brad E.


I love many things about this closet installer but what I appreciated is the price rate. They were able to give exceptionally beautiful design ideas and wonderful closet mastery at a very affordable price.

Bridgette N.Bambi

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When you build and install cabinets and closets, you need to consider that every part of them will be used and accommodated very well. Count on Custom Closets Design Colorado Springs and we will make an amazing transformation in your closet.

You can check our organizational projects and virtual showroom tours for your walk-in closets or wardrobe closets that suit your taste. We offer consultation free of charge. You can decide whether you want an in-home appointment, a virtual design consultation or both.

Please be reminded as well as our design options also vary from places because of certain local restrictions. To request a free consultation, please complete the details being asked in our contact form for faster processing.

Custom Closets Design Colorado Springs

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